10 awesome features of the new Windows Phone 8

Much awaited Windwos Phone 8 has been unvailed. This new Os is much in line with Windows 8 and an huge improvement over WP 7. Below are 10 awesome features.

1) Windows Phone 8 now supports multi-core processors unlike its earlier versions. Windows 8 now supports 2 to 64 cores.

2)Windows Phone 8 now supports exteral storage up to 64GB

3) Windows Phone 8 now supports multiple screen resolutions 1280x 768, 1280×720 and 800×480

4)The lock screen background can now display information from third party apps like weather ot news headlines.

5)Windows phone 8 can now act as external hard drive and you can drag and drop files on your phone from pc.

6)Now you can sync your device with iTunes with MS desktop companion tools.

7)Now you can create guest user account in Windows Phone 8 via kids corner. Lets you customise what apps, games and videos.

8) Now it supports NFC which opens up lots of possibilities.

9)The phone apps now supports VoIp natively which will help third party developers to add new functionality to your phone.

10) This os comes with Internet Explorer 10 which is a big Plus. It also suports native c and c++ code.